Timing Of Cash Inflows And Expenses

Why do my cash inflows and expenses start in the second year of the plan when I am 60 today? I will be 62 in two years, and I set the Start Age to age 62. I would think these cash flows would start in the third year of the plan.

It is very important to understand the assumptions the program is using for cash inflows and expenses. The following logic applies to any input that uses the Start Age to determine when an inflow or outflow occurs. Let's say you have entered a Start Age for an Additional Cash Inflow of 62. The Primary User is 60 today (which is 10/7/2021) and turns 62 on 6/10/2023. In planning year 1 the user is 61 at the end of that year. In planning year 2 he is 62 years old. Because he turns 62 in planning year 2 we assign this inflow to planning year 2 as you can see in the screenshot below.



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