How Salary Income is Used Before and After Retirement

I don't see my salary being used for anything before I retire. How is that money used in the program? How is my spouse's salary used when she is working after I have retired?

WealthTrace assumes that before the 'Official Retirement Date Of Plan', which is defined as the spouse/partner that retires first, whatever isn't saved to investments as an annual contribution is spent. 


Here is an example: John retires in two years. His wife Jane retires in six years. From now through two years from now, the program will assume that whatever John and Jane haven't saved via annual contributions to investments in the program must have been spent. Once John retires, 'Annual Living Expenses In Retirement' begin, and the program will now use Jane's salary (after taxes and any contributions to investments) to cover expenses. You can see the amount available from her salary in the image below. 

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