Calendar Years

Does WealthTrace use calendar years for financial projections?

Yes, WealthTrace starts with today's date and ends at 12/31 for the current year. After that, each subsequent year's projections will be from 1/1 through 12/31. With one important caveat, cash inflows, outflows, and the growth of cash inflows, expenses, and investments are pro-rated in the first year based on how many days are remaining in the year. The caveat is that one-time inflows or outflows that happen in the first year are not pro-rated in the first year, and are assumed not to have occurred yet.

Here is an example. You have a cash inflow in the Additional Cash Inflows section of 'Home Sale' and it will occur one time in the current year. The program will not pro-rate this inflow, because one-time inflows are likely the full amount rather than coming in piecemeal over the course of the year. The same logic applies to expenses in the 'Goals & Additional Expenses' section.

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