Account Security and Passwords

How does security work in WealthTrace? How are usernames and passwords stored?

Important points about security, usernames, and passwords in WealthTrace:

1) WealthTrace does not store any credit card information.


2) Your WealthTrace password is encrypted in our database so nobody can ever access it.


3) If you link your accounts, WealthTrace does not store your account numbers, usernames, or account passwords.


4) We use a third party (Yodlee) for linking account information. Yodlee is the industry leader in linking investment accounts to financial applications. Yodlee has been vetted by and is trusted by large banks and brokerages. You can read more about Yodlee's strong security here and their privacy promise here.


5) Accounts cannot be accessed for trading through WealthTrace.


You can read more about security and privacy in WealthTrace here.


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